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  Glenn Schwarz


Service Management Review
Conducting a service management review is often chosen as a first up engagement mechanism. By conducting a review of the current processes being practiced in your organisation it is then possible to look at improvements.

Sometimes these processes will be well documented and other times it might require some work to identify and document the current work practices. Having a well documented baseline allows objective measures to be taken of your service management progress and the ability to measure your successes. A review can include recommendations as well as suggested quick wins. Quick wins are important to gain support and trust in the ITIL processes.

A service management review can also be used for more advanced organisations who simply want to review their progress or adaptation of ITIL and provide a third party independent viewpoint.

The effort required for a process review is dependent on the size and complexity of your organisation.


Workshop Facilitation is an important way to progress your Service Management journey. These workshops generally last a day or two but may also include follow up sessions as required. Workshops are tailored to your individual needs and requirements.


Mentoring can help provide assistance for staff implementing ITIL in your organisation. By using a mentor it allows your staff to implement and maintain control of ITIL processes while having the availability of 18years IT experience at call without the cost of full time employment/consultancy.
Temporary Placement

Years of experience in ITIL Service Management allows for quick handovers or even no handover being required to pick up roles and responsibilities. With a wide range of management experience in Government, Education, and Banking, positions can not only be filled quickly but with an experienced service management professional.